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Areas of Expertise


As a certified professional coach, I make it my mission to support people in taking responsibility for their own outcomes. Your goals are your goals and, though you need support to reach them, YOU are the one to get the credit for the work. Need help finding your passion and taking steps toward making a dream become a reality? Let's Talk.


As an adult educator I make it my aim to help adult learners find transformation and change in their growth areas. Whether you need help with instructional design, planning a training, or general consulting for your company's learning and development, I'm ready to help.


I've been a communicator (as well as a musician) for over 20 years. Need a keynote speaker on the topic of emotional intelligence (especially the sub-topic of shame)? Let's talk.

My Approach

When was the last time that you got stuck? 

Was it in the office? Maybe you were at an impasse with a boss or co-worker. Was it hard to put your finger on what was blocking progress? Was it too easy to point a finger at the other person and resort to blame?

Was it in life? Maybe you were at an impasse in a relationship. You were making progress, but then everything hit a strange place where it seemed harder than it was supposed to be to make any headway. Was it easier to walk away than to work through it? 

Was it in your leadership? Maybe you kept running into resistance from your team when you needed to make necessary changes. Was it easier to take their pushback personally than it was to listen to their concerns? Was it too hard to navigate the situation without losing your cool and resorting to low-key demands? 

Tired of getting stuck? Let's change that. Whether you're thinking of personal coaching, professional coaching, or coaching training for your team, let's talk.

My Approach
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