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Better Dad Cohort
Fast-Forwarding Progress

Connect with your kids.

Be a safe haven for growth.

Offer consistent care and attachment.

Isn't it time for the generational progress in your family to take a quantum leap? 

Whether you had a good dad or a dad who struggled, you can fast-forward progress for your family life. You only have so many weeks before it's time to launch your children into the world. Make the most with the time you're given.


Learn to be a better dad.

Image by Edward Howell

Better Dad Cohort

A 12 Week Learning Experience

The Better Dad Cohort is a peer-based, interactive learning experience.

Grow in Essential Relationship Skills

Emotional Awareness

Gain a language to identify your feelings so they are no longer a mystery.

Active Listening

Listen better than you ever have before by offering an unanxious presence.

Healthy Communication

Speak the truth with love. Redefine your relationship with the truth and your heart.

Image by Austin Chan

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It'll give you a taste of how active listening skills can help you to ask better questions and deepen your connection with your kids. It'll help you move beyond, "How was school?" - and a blank stare. And it's just the tip of the iceberg!

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