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Music & Worship

As a musician and a worship leader, I enjoy using music to point people to the greatness of God. It is a unique privilege to be in a worship band. For me, the band (or worship team) demonstrates family in action. A team has to work together in a way that puts Christ and his wonderful gift of music ahead of ourselves. As we submit to Him as our Head and Leader, we serve Christ in a way that the music glorifies him. As we submit to one another to serve the song and the congregation, we experience unity and humility in a unique way that edifies others.

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Worship Services

Below is a YouTube playlist with a few of the worship services that I’ve been part of in the last year or two. Most of these are from the ministry of Eastside Church in Marietta, GA. For inquiries or questions, please use the Contact form linked below or reach out through social media. For preaching + teaching examples, here are a few links: Message 1 from Eastside Church \ Message 2 from Eastside Church \ Playlist from Blueprint Church


Use the button to access my contact form, or use the social links above to find me through those platforms.

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