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Image by Joanna Kosinska


Among Wolves Masterclass

Among Wolves is a faith-based leadership training based on the book by Dhati Lewis. This was a commercial project that was designed to be purchased by coaching and consulting clients. It was originally designed in Pathwright LMS.


Pomodoro Method Project

This was a personal project to begin working with Rise360. The course itself will be available soon if you would like to interact with it.


IT Training: Code Snippets

IT training for Communications and Marketing. The goal was to create a micro-course so that Communication team members would have a quick tutorial and job aid for an important but infrequent task. 

Screen Shot Divi.png

The City Syllabus

Currently, I'm actively working on learning interactions that span across various modalities: webinars, master classes, conference sessions, and short-form content. The place to see examples of these projects in on "The City Syllabus."


Known 360 Hybrid Training

Known 360 is an emotional health training product that was launched by MyBLVD several years ago. My role in this project was to work with SMEs to identify the key skills and knowledge base in order to design an online course that would better prepare participants for an in-person training intensive. The end result was to reduce the total contact time and cost to make the training more profitable.


IT Training: Copier User Management

IT training for office management. The goal was to provide an overview of how to manage users remotely on a Toshiba multifunction copier. My role was to design the training, record the screen capture, and make the training available to office management.

Screen Shot Toshiba.png

Demo LMS

In order to practice working with SCORM packages and other LMS features, I implemented an instance of Ilias LMS on a subdomain of one of my hobby websites. Though this is not an ID portfolio example, it is an example of how I try to integrate my background in IT and web development to further my understanding of the technology stack involved in L&D.

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